• All of the Bible is prophecy.
  • Set the atmosphere to be prophetic; we want to make sure that we get rid of every wicked device in our lives and that we don’t fall prey to the strategies of Satan.
  • The world is lying to us, using pictures, movies, magazines, internet, and the news to lie to us, to convince us that the world is impoverished. That is a lie.
  • There are places of atrocious poverty, but the areas of poverty are smaller than the areas of prosperity.
  • Abundance is in the world.
  • You may have the spirit of fear which will make you hoard.      
  • God is going to break the back of the wicked because the wealth is laid up for the righteous, but the righteous need to make themselves known so that the wealth will know where to flow.
  • The word of God tells us that from Adam to Moses there was no law.
  • If God wasn’t using the law from Adam to Moses, what was He using? LOVE!!. Even though man sinned, God did not impute or hold his sin against him.       He kept reaching out in love but man continued to sin, slapping the hand of God.
  • God then decided to destroy man but saved Moses because of His promise to Adam.
  • What came from God was perfect, what came from man after the fall was imperfect.
  • God showed perfection by giving the law. The law was not given to save us but to awaken us to know that we are not perfect. In our own perfection we are not good enough for God. The law wasn’t given to save us, it was given to awaken us to understand that within ourselves we are not perfect.
  • God set a standard that no one could meet. If you broke one law, you broke them all.       We need a savior because we cannot save ourselves, God gave the law and judgment to bring us back to love and faith.
  • Jesus came to fulfill the law and gave us another law to replace all of the law -- Love -- which covers a multitude of imperfections.
  • God included every one, my job is to help you not feel condemned.       Too many Old Testament scriptures disqualify you.   Deut.28:15-68 lists the curses which come upon one for not keeping all of the commandments of God.
  • Many think that they did something that opened the door for the trials that show up in their lives.
  • We are redeemed from the curse of the law. Anything in Deut. 28 that has to do with curses based on not keeping the law, we have been redeemed from. (Gal. 3:13)
  • Every word that rises against you in judgment you are supposed to condemn, don’t accept it, don’t be passive, this is a war.       (Isaiah 54:17.)
  • Rom. 13: “But the God of peace be with you always.” Rom. 16:20: “And the God of Peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.” Here God is upset with the adversary that is robbing you of your blessings, health and peace.
  • God is a God of peace, what’s blocking us from receiving the blessings that God has for us? Satan has yoked something around our necks that is stealing our blessings.      
  • You can’t allow Satan into your life, Christ has kicked him out.       Not only does he not have a place in heaven, he has no place in you unless you open a door. (James 3.)
  • What door have you opened and let Satan in to rob you of your blessings. It’s not about sin (your sins have been forgiven), it’s about strategy. A thief can’t get into your house unless you forgot to set the alarm. God said “put a watch on your mouth” – set the alarm! You have spiritual alarms that you need to set. James 3:16: “Where envy, self-seeking, or strife exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.” If confusion is in your life, seek out your envy and strife.       If there was no envy or strife, there would be no confusion.
  • To be continued next Sunday.


Scriptures:        Deut. 28:15-68; Gal. 3:13; Isaiah 54:17; Rom. 15:33, 16:20; James 3:16


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