The circumstances in your life may not show any sudden changes. Your finances may still be tight. The bills may still be difficult to pay. You probably do not yet fully see God’s blessings in such great abundance in your life that your every need and want is being met.             But, stand on God’s promises. You are tithing to keep the windows of heaven open, and you are giving offerings to establish a healthy, abundant flow through those windows.

            How many Christians have you heard say: “Can you help me? I don’t feel saved”? They have believed the words of salvation, they accepted Jesus, but somewhere in their walk they let Satan’s lies temporarily cause them to doubt. Now they are seeking for assurance from others that they are truly saved.   “Well,” they say, “maybe I should repeat John 3:16 and the sinner’s prayer again, just to be sure.” Have you ever heard that? Has anyone ever said it to you? It shows that someone has been listening to the lies of the devil concerning salvation. Well, get ready. Satan will probably throw some stupid lies at you concerning your soon-coming harvest. He will lie and say something like this: “You gave that big offering last week, and what did it get you? You still don’t have anything. This is all just a great big ‘rip-off’.”

            Stop thinking that before you end up in the poorhouse. Learn to recognize these lies, and cast them out of your mind. Do not give attention to anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. These fear tactics are the only means the devil has to try and stop your pending financial harvest. You gave according to God’s Word, and you will reap a harvest, according to God’s Word. As sure as God’s Word is true (and we know it is), your harvest is, even now, beginning to manifest.

            Remember: the Word of God guarantees your harvest. Think about it. When the United States government guarantees the price of a crop, the farmers plant all their fields, faithfully trusting the government to keep its promise to provide them a fair price for their harvest.

            How much more can the sons and daughters of God trust Him and plant with confidence, knowing that He will provide us the harvest He has promised?

Excerpts from “Powerful Principles of Increase Released In You”

by John Avanzini


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