As your financial harvest starts manifesting itself in your life, it isn’t always immediately identifiable. Remember that years of traditional thinking have made it easy for you to mistakenly think of the bank or maybe your job or material investments as being your source.

            Keep your eyes open. Watch for God’s blessings, since they may come without clearly being recognized as your much-awaited harvest from God for seeds you planted months ago!

            You may catch yourself saying: “Boy, my business is going great lately”, or “Hey, my boss just gave me an unexpected raise.” Or “Man, that new bank did some marvelous things with my investments.”

            Part of your continuing success process in effectively applying God’s laws of biblical economics is dependent upon your recognition of the fact that God is your Source. It is God Who supplies all the needs of His children.

            With every upward advance in your finances, learn to say: “Thank You, Lord. I recognize this increase as part of your blessing process, which my scriptural giving has released, in my life. I give You the honor and the glory for the abundant harvest You are now manifesting in my financial matters.”

            When you recognize the Source of your every blessing, then you will recognize your need to continue with the next step – the replanting of some of every increase into the fields of God for the next harvest.

            If the devil first fails in his attempts to stop you from giving by putting strong doubts about God’s promises in your mind, his second deception is even more subtle. He simply tries to cloud the Source of the increases in your funds, so you will forget to plant new seeds from your abundance. He knows that you will plant if you remember that God is the Source of your blessings, so he attempts to distract you with lies about your boss or your bank or even your own business dealings really being your source.

            Simply tithe and give generous offerings on all income you receive: your income tax refunds, extra income, and virtually any money you receive. Don’t allow any room for discretion or doubt.

            If a stranger comes up and hands you a ten-dollar bill, thank the Lord, tithe a dollar, and give a portion away in an offering to God.

            Cast down evil imaginations that creep in and push the Spirit of God aside. Keep planting from every harvest.

            Remember: the paramount truth is that you must plant with regularity if you wish to reap with regularity.

Excerpts from “Powerful Principles of Increase Released In You”

by John Avanzini


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